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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Milk Secret

when i was young,
i had these 2 problem in life,

i hate my skin color
i hate milk

people who know me may be surprise now..
"no way?? put hated milk??"

seriously yeah...
and how did i turn to love milk from hating it?

funny story...

u see...
my mom (ibu sri) was having a hard time making me drink milk,
(something about me hating it since i was a baby..)
(and i do recall drink milo instead of milk frm a bottle)
but after she knew how i hated my dark tanned skin,
this is what she told me....

"if u wanna be fair, u hv to drink white drinks, like soy drink or MILK..."

and there you go...
tricked for life...

since then, i LOVE milk!! 

p.s: and soy drink, and taufufa...
p.s.s: and i dont hate my skin color now... its BLARDY RARE YA KNOW!!! ;p


Fatimah Ali said...

a milk story. cute :p

Puteri Nurul said...

heheh... thank you... :3