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Wednesday, August 8, 2012


ma daddeh saed tat ma inglish es bed..

weel, i saed...

well actually, 
some of my english on type are typos...
some are purposed puns...
i seldom misspell (coz there's autocorrect)
some are becoz its in short terms (acronyms of whertever kind)

but at times,
i just dont give a sh*t

and the reason of me writing mostly in english,
mainly because, i hv penpals and 
i would like to keep them updated in a language they'd understand

i mean,
how would you feel when u hv a penpal,
and said, "hey, check me out on my FB, Twitter, Blog!"
and evrything is written "$%*%^)%%!#%$#@+"

its just my way of saying
"i love to be your friend, 
and i want you to be updated with what's going on with me.. :)"

p.s: besides, even if my english is bad, its not wrong for me to practice right?

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