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Friday, July 27, 2012

educational programs

one fine evening, i was trolling in my house, when i saw my sisters (the younger ones) were watching TV. so i decided to sit with them. They were watching iCarly on Nickelodeon, and i was like, 
"what on earth are they watching?"

so, i decided to change the channel, even when it was (strongly) against my sisters wish. They were whining and sulking and whine some more, while i rapidly change the channels, searching for something i wanna watch and something beneficial for the kids to watch as well. and i stopped at Discovery Channel, showing a documentary of the wildlife and nature. 

my sisters, who was whining earlier stops and was literally mesmerized with what's showing on TV. they were like,
"kaklong, why does the alligator keep their mouth open all the time?"

"Why are the lions fighting?"

"why isnt the lions are like us, like having 1 king, 1 queen, and princes and princesses"

"i wish to go snorkeling in one of those blue oceans"

"what a beautiful natural caves.."

"why are the gorillas look like us humans, kaklong?"

"why would they want to destroy this place to make a hotel?"

"why are the komodos bite poisonous?"

i tried answering as many as i could, and i really could feel that they were enjoying the channel.

to this point, i realized that, we could help the younger generations by watching educational channels WITH them. of course on the 1st or 2nd attempt might be hard, but, sooner or later, they will shower you with many Questions that they could ask, out of curiosity.

to my guess, children obviously would be attracted to animations and the imaginations of cartoon world. but too much of cartoons might be contagious and bad for the logic side of the children's brain. help them build some sense of morality and love by letting watch educational channels, and it doesnt necessarily be OH! My English or SPM or PMR revision channels

lets start by mesmerizing them with the beauty of the world. let it be Discovery Channel or National Geographic or Animal Planet. But remember to be there for them, help them understand with what the program is all about. Let them be entertain with the world greatest gifts. 

Rather than exposing them to the latest hit music or some TV show about pregnant teenagers, or these shows that shows nothing but mere nonsense, just to keep them Quiet.

Make watching TV one of the Family Time program in the house. it'll be splendid... :)

p.s: its nice to be the eldest sister... ;)

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