Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what am i feeling?

was falling yet flying
was swimming yet drowning
was dreaming yet awake
was happy yet sad

what was i thinking?
heck what i thought
i was half awake, half asleep.

your "no" makes me happy
yet in so much doubt

am i wrong or am i right?
then again,
what's so wrong and what's so right?

common sense
what's common sense?
is it what other's think that shud be done
or the right thing that shud be done?

follow my heart or your head?
follow my head or their heads?

a virus or an antidote?

you got your answer right
or did you?

so happy yet so scared
wanting more what shud be less

am i stubborn?
am i wrong?
im not so sure..

why is something so simple
is so hard to understand?

emo love Pictures, Images and Photos

*this drama of mine is suicidal*

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