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Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Syawal 2010

super happy complete family:
Sri Asmarani
Puteri Nurul
Fitri Hailisya
Ayu Hazuwin
Muhd Sha'amin

This year Syawal, i've booked my looks for Saloma..
but... abit failed la...
so hard to get the 70's looks..
especially those beautiful eye makeup..
the hair, didn't get the time to do the curls...
so, i was thinking of doing the beehive (sorta la)
but my mom was like,
" your hair is so long, n heavy n stubborn.. its impossible to keep it up.. especially on hot humid days like this".
...give up...

loving my kebaya..
huhuh... was so attracted at the kain songket
and loving my heels!!
(that's my cousin bobo)

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