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Monday, May 3, 2010

End of Semester 1

tonight will be the last night for me to be here in Puncak Perdana...

i've made through my 1st semester as an Animation student...
it was tough, adapting to a new environment and all..

new frens,
new food ( i mean, new style la..),
new classmates,
new life (with cayang)
new campus (which is near to home)
new lecturers
new teachings
new and new and new..

though, i still keep in touch with the old ones
main campus not very far anyways.. hehe..
so yeah...
still in touch..
though, it feels like, im far from them now..
i used to know what they gossiped about,
or what's the new agenda and stuff...
but, now,
can only get updates on Facebook..
how pathetic is that..

although im far from being associated with you guys,
thanks for still keeping in touch guys..
letting me sleep over,
holla me over for lunch/dinner..
warghh!!! i miss u guys!!
graduating party????

my current friends,
they're ok..
sort of different, but ok...
kinda lovable and annoying..
cant wait to spend more time with you guys next sem...

so... ok...
happy holidays.. ;pp

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*cuti!! here i come!!!*

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