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Monday, July 8, 2013

energy overloaded

it has been 5 days since we've finished shooting, since i hd a job... now im totally overloaded with extra energy that's keeping me from being hyper to sluggish. i better do something about this.. but what? i was thinking of hitting the gym or go on swimming but doing things alone is just not me.. and procrastination has totally took control of me.. oh bother~

now, im only waiting for my last 2 payments, so i can pay my bills and buy my essential needs to survive (the fact that im staying with my dad.. but hey, still need to get personal stuff right?). already listing down the things and people i need to pay, stuff need to buy and need to be done with for this month.. not that anyone care.. except for the ones receiving from me.

also.. already need to plan up my hari raya. its high time for me to give other duit raya already. by 25, its already at the stage of embarrassment if i were still to receive anymore duit raya...

mai gawd peepol!! cant you see that i hv boobs big enuff to breast feed someone already??

anyway, the fact that i hv to give out duit raya, i tend to hv this dilemma of who to give and not to give? of course, i hv to give to my mom and baby sibbies... but, i hv this mix feeling of giving out to people that will be coming to visit, other family members and kids... i dont think i have enough income to give em lot, but i dunno if im fair or not. putting that aside, my baju raya will be recycled from my graduation abaya... that beautiful abaya, and already have the shoe, also recycled.. saving alot more than usual.. lucky me! and this year, i told my mom, not to bother much of informing others that im coming. singapore is as equally as hot as malaysia, so i dont wanna end up sweating with melted make up everywhere. i wud like to just stay home and stay under my ibu's armpit... hehehe.... also, kinda of my way of avoiding "le question".......

p.s: oh well... back to blogilates... hiyahh!!

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