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Friday, July 5, 2013

Tiny drops on Friday

it has actually been along time since iv enjoyed random blogging. i was pretty much occupied and hella freaked out since graduation.

now that the future is now, my life as a rebellious adult is over. my only concern is not 'how to get a job'.. but actually.. 'what the hell am i actually good at?' and also 'what level of confidence must i have to actually apply a job?'

those are my doubts.

true, that i had a job with my dad, but that is only a temporary job, a freelance job.. as a filming crew, a continuity girl. how long am i suppose to stay like this. i need a career, not a job. to actually pay my bills AND to help me survive my future.

tough world out there.

So today, im spending my Friday over a friend's house. my house was to quiet and lonely, only waiting for my sibbies to come and visit. i miss em.. i dont really show my emotions... but yeah, i miss em alot... and ermmm, spring cleaning need to be done, my house is a wreck!! though, i always keep my room clean. tee hee...

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