Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am a Muslim woman.
But, i admit that my iman is not that strong whereas it shud be.

but please please please,
read the al-Qur'an again,
do a lil research on how to cover your aurat.

Jews and Christians also wears Hijabs.
to respect your Islam religion,
please wear it the right way.

Quit wearing ur hijabs with
inner shirts, 
baby tshirts,
and all those clothings that exposes the shape of your body!

if other Muslims were to come to our country, seeing how u wear it,
im sure they will laugh and ask what religion are u.

its not wrong to be fashionable,
just limit yourselves to evaluate which fashion can be used.
be smart.. please la...
the world is getting uglier...
you dont have to be part of it...

click this link and read it with an openheart,
if ur gonna wear your hijab,
make sure you wear it right.

there's no use when ur wearing ur hijab 
but getting the same sins as the ones who doesnt..


p.s: you guys may say, that i dont hve the rights to say this to you all, but, as a muslim cousin, i feel that i hv a responsibility to tell this.

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