Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy 23rd, Puteri

11 October was here again..
making me older this year..
23 eyh...

my aunty told me,
"2 more years and u'r getting married..."

but for me..
2more years and i'll be a Quarter of a decade!!
thats where wrinkles and bone aches starts!!!


but hye!! thank you all for the lovely wishes VIA 
hp msges, FB wishes, Twitter and phonecalls!!

i love em all!!
evry lovely prayers and wishes!!

bday present?
Droolie from Nadia Hanie
(new BedCommunity member)

lovely cake with MY NAME (and face) on it!!
from Aunty Sarimah in Singapore

most awkward and surprising and loveliest gift..
in a silver bag,
wrap in newspapers (slight hint),
with my altered jeans,
there's a new sling bag!! wow!!
and what's this? a box??
with a silver ring in it...

awww... of coz from the great heart thief,
mr.Taufik Hidayat...

i love you so much!!
forever and ever and ever!!

wait... come to think of it...
why are all of my presents are in PINK??
(except for the silver ring la kn.. its silver.. >.>)


Aiza J Rahman said...

bestnya besday dia..
dpt mcm mcm.. T___T

Puteri Nurul said...

alhamdulillah.... kte syg org... org akn syg kte balik... :) true no?