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Monday, November 22, 2010

Reasons Why a Guy Wouldnt Wanna Date Me.

I was reading an article in Cleo mag,
" The BIGGEST relationship mistakes women make"

one of the sub article said,
"Try making a list of all the reasons a guy wouldnt wanna date you."
so here goes....


Reasons Why a Guy Wouldnt Wanna Date Me.

im childish and immature.

im always TOO committed to a relationship
which always drives guys away
(marriage and stuff... i cant help it!! ahaxx... ;p)

Im very impatient and moody 
(especially when its that time of the month)

im super super lazy, and hate exercising
(meaning i hv bad body condition, sort of)

im not that attractive and only try to when i feel like it.

ignore calls or msges when i dont feel like contacting anybody,
even for no reason at all.

i disgustingly pick my food and 
WILL spit out when i dont feel like eating what's in my mouth.

im always TOO attached to a guy, to the extend he cant breathe.
(not literally, tho, sort of... )

i hv many bad habits
(biting nails, doing goofy things in public and bla bla bla)

i can be a very patient person,
but when a B*TCH tries too hard on my man, 
i burst like its WW3, which can be utterly annoying. 

pheww... this list can go a long way.. i got my flaws ok... ;p

p.s: i cant be perfect, but i wont be fake... ;)

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