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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tale of a Pig

Once upon a time in a not-so-faraway land, there was a pig named Pig. He was a hard working pig working in a castle as a post guard of the front gate. The queen was impress with Pig's hard work, bashing evil doers from entering the castle. So the queen bestowed him a knight title.

One day, Pig was sent to do a mission to find Goldberries in the deep forest, for it was the queen's fave fruit of all. For many moons Pig went in the forest and was soon lost and almost forgotten.

Pig was tired and fainted at a near stream and as he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a garden, calm, undone and filled with berries and flowers. There he saw a girl, plucking flowers and berries. But a shining glare distracted him and there he saw, GOLDBERRIES.

With the hustle and bustles to get up, the girl heard Pig and ran to him. "You must not get up, you are hurt".
The girl aided him carefully and Pig began to feel her warmth.

Meanwhile, back in the castle, the queen again was craving for Goldberries. "Bring me Pig!!" she screamed. But Pig was no where to be found, obviously. She went furious and seek her magic globe's help. "Magic globe with eyes to see, tell me where Pig could be?"

"Deep in the forest where the sun is bright,
In an enchanted garden of berries and flowers
With a maiden,  hair black as night,
There is where he's happily hovers."

Pig was happy with her but he remembered the queen he served. "I must go back and give her Goldberries she wanted", said Pig. "Do help yourself, Pig. Take all the berries u need" said the girl. Pig was delighted. As soon as Pig thought he had enough berries for the queen, he was on the way home, waving the girl until she's unseen.

As he reached the castle with the Goldberries, the queen snatched it away with a incontented glare. "You were disloyal to me, there for, you shall be stripped from you knighthood." said the queen and walk away.

Pig was sad, but the thought of the garden and the girl made him happy. Pig went to see her every chances he get. and soon fell in love with the girl and her garden.

"Let me work here. Let me stay with you", said Pig determined.

"It would be delightful to have you around, Pig. But what about your queen?" asked the girl.

"Its alright my lady, I will tell her", said Pig.

But, will he?

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