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Monday, November 14, 2011

PUTPET 1st Year Anniversary

1st year Anniversary for Put & Pet

yup... consider 1st since our only break up...
not the 2009, but the 2010...

This loveblog is for you, Taufik Hidayat...

yup, 1 year of our relationship has gone by, and u promised me more and more love in the future... 
i know it may not be as JIWANG as we used to be... but as long as im sure, ur sure, that we love each other until the very end... that's fine by me....

alot has happened in the past year, feelings involved, tears, laughter, and lots more love...

am actually Quite proud of our relationship... we do Quarrel and argue alot (or less).. but it made us stronger each day...

and truthfully, i dont care if u dont have a car, that much money or time (ok.. maybe i do care about ur timing)... but it doesnt matter much ok... no matter who my family are, who i am or who you are... it doesnt matter... you and i, we belong in another world of reality... no drama involved much... i love you as who you are, and that's final... and i do love ur family so much, from the bottom of my heart...

sorry if i annoy you with my jealously and insecurity... its just that, i do...

yes!! im still stubborn, lazy and undependable... still working on it... tho, i think it might just getting worst.

and you need to stop smoking and stop losing ur temper (or atleast change that tone)... but seriously STOP SMOKING!!

and thanks to you.. im getting womanlier by the day... im not sure if its a good thing for me or not... >.>

ok ok... time for the real thing.... :) (ehem..ehem)

u r my Maru in a box
u r my fave kitty blog
u r my best teddy bear
u feel the best when u r near.

u r my Sora, im ur Kairi
u r my cherry on my jelly
u r my slapper when im blur (?)
u r definitely my Tumblr (ok.. whatever)

ur voice reveals my chains
ur arms are like my key
had bloodrush thru my veins
when u said u love only me. 

2 1/2 years friendship
6months love (1)
7months break/friend
1year love (final)
forever years to come...

total: never ending story... ;)
real total: 4years 7month of US.. :)
(pretty much of a big deal, an?)

Thank you for loving me heartily, lovingly, warmly.. everythingly....
your love put me at the top of the world!!

my Taufik Hidayat...

p.s: sorry u didnt like my pasta... >.>


tuya said... nice video..heehhee..ahppy anniversary put!!!miss u..

Puteri Nurul said...

heheh... thank you... <3 miss you too... ;p