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Monday, November 28, 2011

Young Tigers

thanks to Boyfie's busy2 schedule, he assigned me to be apart of his project...
which acQuired me to go to the stadium to watch one of the country's football match...

my 1st time going to a stadium to watch football!! ;p

tho, im not much of a football fan,
i do understand the game and the excitements and stuff...

it was fun watching fans cheering full heartily for their team...
mostly for the Tigers la...

of cos, there must be our fave couple,
Proffy and Ayu

us wearing the blue jersey!!
(well actually, i was wearing his jersey... i dont own one...)

and let the game begin!!

p.s: even tho we lost the match (Msia vs Syria)... we'll still root for you... :)

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