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Tuesday, January 24, 2012



it has been awhile since im active in blogging...

right now, pretty busy with the whole internship and stuff...

Cyberjaya!! with Tapir Reka Animation!! :)

Together with (oh highly expected) mr.Leo, we're doing our internship for 2D animation.
The rest of my classmates are more interested in 3D animation or FXs, so only Leo n I are into 2D animation.

when i was 1st introduced to the company, i was like, WHOA!! my worksite is an actual animation company, near MSC and all!! wahhh!! <3 i felt so grand. i got a proper table, pc with HUGE monitor, together with oh-so-original softwares... oh goshh!!

then it hits me... can i keep up with these?? Leo had his animation internship during his Diploma years in KYM, so he had experiences and he's very good at animating and evrybody else looked so professional and so enthusiastic with their work... me?? i'v never actually done a proper animation b4... just comics and all... stuffs that's hands on... and i screw up alot!!

Leo kept comforting me, saying that i can do it... but reality check... can i really?? adoii... >.>

what or however it is, i need to keep my heads up and set a straight focus.. i didnt study for almost 5years now to be down like this!! FOCUS PUT!! FOCUS!!!

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