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Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012

2012 is here
and its the year of The Dragon again!
GRAWW!! ;p

nothing much happen in the year 2011 really..

  •  my dad has a new baby
  •  i meet new amazing people during my job as a conty
  •  our beloved lecturer, En.Ezwan went off to continue his studies
  •  ibu came to KL :)
  •  i went to Penang with bestie (bestie trip yey!!)
  •  brand new addiction to 9GAG.. (apparently it stole my soul!!)
  •  had our 1st official anniversary ;p
  •  we lost a classmate from an accident.. ;'( (innalillah Danny)
  •  had manwhore in last rented house...

and other stuff...

how i celebrate my new years eve??
i went out with Mr.Macho and ayu&proff
to One Utama
Had Teppanyaki
Watched a Movie, Jack & Jill (Adam Sandler)
And watched the New Year's fireworks from OU's parking space... 
with many other people..

it was beautiful..
simple, but beautiful..


May This Year Be Ossum
for me, you and all...

p.s: 2012, end of the world?? only Allah would know... Wallah hu alam... :)

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