Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

7 days

Just a week left of my single life. Every time I am reminded of the date, my heart beats so hard, I feel like puking. It's nerve wreaking to understand the concept of getting in a marriage life, that it scares yet excite me all in the same time. To be included in a new family. To be accepted. To learn a new family tradition. To understand others personally.

Understanding my future husband isn't that hard, as you all know how long I've been with him. But to be seen/known in a new way. a 'WIFE'. Can you imagine?

"Hey bro. Let me introduce to you, my WIFE."

It way sound simple, yet, to be called a wife, is already a new stage of life for me. Things may seem like normal, but it'll all feel brand new. Like a new born child. A new phase of life.

I know, this is nothing to be compared to being a MOTHER, but I believe in embracing each and every detail in life to the fullest. Not to take anything for granted, or we may never know the true essence of life (me, yapping).

Also, to be accepted by the other half, it's so fulfilling as all my flaws and dots are accepted and well embraced by him. It feels wonderful and magical. Every laughter, tears, anger are to be shared together for a life time.

Life is beautiful. To be accepted as who I am.

Thank you.

count down... 7...

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