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Thursday, June 18, 2015


1st Ramadhan as husband and wife...

sweet and blissful. looks normal, but every usual thing i've done before turned special ever since i got married. especially during this holy ramadhan month.

going tarawikh together. before that, we did our Maghrib prayer together. *blush*

then, waking him up for sahur. eating together, chatting with ayah at the table. then did our Fajr (ececey arab seyh)..

not showing off like, oh how religious i am.. blaah..

but all of this, i didn't think it'll effect me emotionally inside. it's special, and im jotting down as a memoir of mine.

everything is special with a husband you love. literally everything. Alhamdulillah.
(newlywed statement)

p.s: we recently had our 1st monthsary. yay us! 

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