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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Eating Habits Gotta Go

Went to apply for the free gym trial the other day, and they were doing this weight test on me...

Unsurprisingly, they were surprised with my results and continued to ask about my eating routine and habits...


Hardly, but usually nasi lemak (hefty)

hmm... nasi berlauk, usually with soups like tomyam or beef soup.
I started to take only half of my rice portion. (bangga)

Good. What about, snack?
oh? erm.. i had pears today (sihat la konon)... but usually... 
that jumbo pack of potato chips, or chocolate or more potato chips.. jumbo...

this is usually the part where i go wild... >.>
Nasi kukus ayam rempah. KFC. Pizza. Nasi lauk. Steamboat (hefty). 
Sushi (not the good ones, because they're sooo good). Nasi Ayam.

And what time do you usually hv dinner? 
ahh... 10pm? 

And what time do you go to bed?
ahh... 11pm?

You do this everyday?
yeah.. pretty much?

*tepuk dahi dgn spanar please, thank you*

all of this.

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