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Friday, February 17, 2017

Braxton Hicks?

Oh man...

Although, I think I had one before a few days ago, but this one made me sick already. It's like having leg cramps, but below your abdominal area. It hurts every 30 to 40 mins...

Hubby thought we should go to the docs, but I thought I needed to do a lil research about it before spending RM50 consultation fee just to know, "IT'S NORMAL".

Apparently, I googled a forum and asked a friend, that it IS normal, and I'm to expect more coming soon. I needed to walk around or lay on my side to ease it, and drink alot of water. Unless it happens for too long or too frequent, with discharges, then, to the docs we go. I still got another 2 weeks before my next doc appointment. So, I'll wait till then.

I stayed home from work today, the exhaustion of bearing the pain made me sleep half day.

I also noted that to bear with this pain in the future, I need to exercise more, because it's only gonna get stronger. Oh boy. What a way to welcome 3rd trimester, right?

But Alhamdulillah, baby movement activity is frequent, so, I assume he's healthy and happy, and just can't wait to come out.

Ibu and Ayah can't wait for you too, sayang. :)

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