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Sunday, October 11, 2009

11 October 2oo9

12th October, 2.16am, UiTM Perak

I am officially 21.
I am officially an adult.
A LADY turned WOMAN.

I would like to thank all my family and friends
for remembering my birthday
Calls, SMSes, Facebook and Self-wish

I appreciate every way...

I started my birthday this year very calm and almost nothing...
I almost cried..
CheQin, Wawa and Ana
came to the room with a choco cake with my name on it!!
So, we had a blast...
even though it was only the 4 of us,
it was the best 4 person birthday party ever...
Planned by The Best friend, CheQin...
Thanks Dear.. You're The Best!!

Later on, in the evening,
a few other friends brought me out for dinner at Top One!!
thanks guys...

So, this is the list of the top 20 who wished me:

0. Apam (he's number 0 coz he wished me 2 days before)
1. Epi (surprisingly sweet!! ;p)
2. KakDewi
3. Nad Sepet
4. iQin
5. Toopet
6.Ibu Sri
7. FarouQ (I'm so sorry I forgotten ur bday before mine!!)
8. CheQin, Wawa and Ana (they bought me a cake.. and splurge me on the face.. (-.-'))
9. Zack, Zila and Echam
10. Rashid Harith
11. Ayah
12. Aunty Sarimah
13. Azila
14. Khai Accountancy
15. KakTasya
16. Zaris (my late ex-Boyfriend's sis)
17. Lynda
18. Danial (iQin's friend)
19. Kok leong (schoolmate)
20. Ciffi (Toopet's friend from Penang)

The others..
Azman, Eno, Zalia, Reez Bagax, Lyiana, Paan, Bhavani, Hui En, Dahnia, Rina, Mira (schoolmate), Ayu, Syamil, Shazreen, Rafik, Ika, KakIntan, Sarah iQbal, Leanna and Deanna, Am, Aiman (Facebook), Dya, BalQis (we have the same birth date!!), Aja....

and last but never ever the least..
Ibu Aliah..
wondering why?
she said, since she can't be the 1st to wish me..
so, she'll be the last..
*blink blink*

i'm sorry if i didn't mention any other friends,
but the wish is important aite??

Fun Fact About Me That I Just Knew MySelf:

*Born at 6.45pm (right when the Maghrib azan called off)

*My mom last meal before my birth was Spaghetti because she yearned for it.

*When my mom was in 8month pregnant, she took the roller coaster ride in Genting!! (0__0)

*My dad faint in the sight of blood when i was born (pretty cute huh??)

The Birthday Presents so far...

The Lilo and Stitch figure from Eno
Strawberry Scented Candle from Ana

A Blue Teddy Bear (I named him CheQ) from CheQin
Chocolate Moist Cake from CheQin, Wawa and Ana


From this... this... THIS!!!

I can't show my other girls pic coz they're not in their tudungs...
so, kind of forbidden...
Thanks again to all my Family and Friends.. I Love You... <333

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