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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beggars and Fakers

10th October 2009, 2.12am, UiTM Perak

I was updating my Facebook when i was caught up in a conversation about beggars and donation collectors in Malaysia. I was really frustrating when i recall all the bad things about donating...

all the crime they do!!
to the poor old men n young children...
using them to beg for money!
selling tissues and stickers...!!

Now!! We have to stop donating money to them!!!

true fact!!::::
Did you all notice old blind beggars, collecting and begging for money with their spouses? Guess what? Those aren't spouses? Those were bodyguards!! Their Boss!! THE BIG BULLY!! Sure, it seems like they're selling tissues, but, only 30% of the money was given to the beggar and where did the other 70% go? To the charity... NOT!!!

It's totally unbelievable!!!
cruelty to humanity!!

true fact!!::::
Have you collided with young children in open cafes, asking to buy tissues or stickers, especially stickers with the Holy Al-Quran on it... There wont be one kid.. but its like a whole group of kids asking for donations at every table... Now think... Where does those kids come from? Where did they get the stickers to sell in the first place? But. 1st of all, is Malaysia such a bad place that they let children run around, stranded in the cruel world?? WE HAVE ORPHANAGE, YA KNOW...

Ok, now here's the deal about these poor kids..
its either they were kidnapped or adopted by some bad dude
and they are forced to work or they won't eat and will be beaten up!!

true fact!!::::
Sometimes, we saw men n women on the side walks begging... Some of them wearing sunshades or wrap their eyes, some we saw was handicapped ... Well, as we all know and sometimes, it's obvious, their faking it!! All they do is to fake it, unable to walk or see, wear ragged clothes and didn't bathe for days, sitting on the sidewalks, and wait... and then, u gave them money over sympathy... and the next thing you know.. u saw them, skipping on the other side of the road, WITH A BOTTLE OF BEER IN THE HAND!!!

Ok.. those were the ones being bullied to death to beg... How bout those who were lying to us?

Money for my own pocket?

Sometimes, I do doubt the people asking for donation for building a mosque and stuff.... help the unfortunated.. yadyadayada....


and the helping charity...
its obvious when u see the ones asking for it is giving fake coupons and stuff... you'll get the idea...

huu.. i was ones fooled by a Pakistan guy,
came to my house asking for donation, showing me pictures and stuff, saying that he need money to go home.... My mom wasnt home and i was stupid and naive (yeah aged 14).. so i gave him a few bucks... then.. he looked at me and asked if he could borrow my house phone... i wanted to say no.. but he looked so scary.... so i let him.. it was a long call.. and he went away after that.... when my mom checked the phone bill, she said their was a strange number on the bill.. and it cost 100++!!!!

You see.. it's these kind of thing we wanna avoid... I bet there are more dirty tactics that people dont know how the gain money through this kind of method, just not clear of it....yeah, pity them.. but them for what they're going through and pity us for being fooled.. we wanna donate the people we're giving the money in their hands... not the bullies....

Pity the Beggars, Not the Fakers

1 comment:

paan said...

a clear exploitation of MAlaysian's kindness....Ke-kesianan mengatasi segalanya
Kekadang malas nk layan....
camni la...kalo tergerak nk bagi, bagi je..but keep in mind kite dah ade niat sedekah....halal or haram...dierang tanggung.

and those who are really 'sihat' and dresses well enough....don't even bother to give them....If they're really that impoverished, why the heck do they look so fine,,

In PJ if im not mistaken, there's this old chinese guy begging for friend told me he saw this old coot at a cash deposit machine depositing a couple of fifties...they make money more than a CEO in one year.

good post btw