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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How To Eat Flour?

*this is the flour*
*to make this flour you have to add in water n salt and flattens it until it became like this, and boil in chicken stock*

first, you put in as much flour you want.

*this is shredded chicken meat*

then, you add in some chicken..

*this is plain boiled kai lan (i think)*

and some veges..

*this is plain boiled mushroom*
*must get this type of mushroom. it goes well with the flour*

and some mushrooms..

*this is fried ikan bilis*

and some ikan bilis.. this one adds the salty part.. yumm!!

*this is chicken stock soup*

then.. lastly, you add the soup to your flour...

*this is cili kicap*

if you're the type that love spices, add some of cili kicap..
and you'll have the BOOM!!


Serve while hot with iced drink.. ;pp

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