Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


*yeah.. woke up in a mess today*

i slept at 5am when my class is at 8.30...
i woke up like at 8.10 n i rushed myself to the shower..
had a Quick bath and didnt wash my hair like i usually do in the morning evryday..
sacked in my jeans and picked a t-shirt.. unfortunately, a messed up one...
tied my hair and it was terrible no matter how much hair serum i put..
plus, my face was like,
"hye evrybody, i just woke up n im late"
so, yeah.. so rotten and wickedly horrid..
so, i figure, to modified my face when im late,
a few whacks on the face with a book might wake my face up?
it hurts but, sort of worth it since it did turned out ok after awhile..


hye, are u in a rush to en. Hafshizan's class?


owh.. he's not in.. class was cancel..


just great...

we still had to hand in his asgmnts tho.. so..

go figure..

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