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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Animation Team Building 2010

I dont care how long this post will get, but im gonna share evry moment here..

*My classmates yg HOOHAA*

It all started on the bus,
there were 13 of us in part 1 and the rest was our seniors, we hop on a bus n sing n laugh all the way to Durian Tunggal, Melaka. My animation girls and i, all together, we'r 5.

*my partner, my fren, my darlin Nadia*

Ika, Cuk, Aten, Nadia and of cos, Puteri

*yup, we'r da only 5 ladies in class*

as we reached there, i was Quite amazed by the view... there was a HUGE lake. almost 50% of the area is water. The breeze was heavenly evn tho the weather is hot!
so we went to our dorm room where we're mixed with our other seniors. there were only 13 girls in our batch. yeah! very few. What i really appreciate on this TEAM BUILDING CAMP is, we dont have to pay a cent and the facilities is very comfortable! our dorm has AIRCON!
wow! talk about understanding.. *thank you en. Ezwan!!*

we had a few activities and groupings. i made grouping with
Kak Ila, Abg Azim, Abg Z, Ain, Jack and Hanan
and we name our group

there were 3 other groups
Hot n' Spicy, Shadow Play and Empayar Prahara

and few lectures and that's the end of day 1. ;p

Then, we start again at day 2,
when we had our morning warm ups and JOGGING (yes, ladies and gentleman, i went JOGGING).

*and that's proof!! i really JOG!!*

And generously, the facilitators there brought us jogging to a spectacular view! thay said its a forbidden place for outsiders. so, whateverlah. its was great! evntho i was wheezing my whole way jogging. (>.>)

*with few wacky seniors.. ;p*

*after the run, i took a Quick escape to view the scenery of the place*

after the jog, we had breakfast and we went on to our next event. playing games and stuff. and..
WE WON 1ST place in both games! yeah!! great team work!!

*this was our 1st game by the lake, where we had to fill the container (with holes) with water until its full. so, we had to use anything to close the holes using body parts or newspaper bits. and i was wet. ;p*

*the 2nd game, we had to control the balance of the triangle there while the guy in the middle had to walk it to the finish line.*

*since this scenery was terrific too, i couldnt resist to snap some!! ;p*

*and there was this beautiful tree i liked so much since we arrived*
*Nadia Comey with her cute bunny pose*

After the games, we had snack, n i encounter an odd snack. they said its called "Lempeng" and its a Melakain snack. it tasted sweet, like apam.

*that is Lempeng*

after that, we had a few lectures from a counselor. he was so funny n the lecture wasnt boring at all. evrybody had fun n we played alot of games (i felt like a kid again).

Then, we went to our next event, the Jungle Tracking.
this part was fun and yet very icky n slimy..
like normal Jungle tracking game, we have to report ourselves to each checkpoints and. so, checkpoint 1 to 3 we need to solve some puzzles.. but the real dog was a checkpoint 4 n 5...

checkpoint 4
Dip in a muddy n deep puddle filled with slime n heck i think its petroleum n mud n it stinks like OMG!!

checkpoint 5
we had to wash ourselves in the huge lake (which wasnt very clean lah) n still, the smell wont come off.

ok, so, no matter how many times i tried to wash the mud n dirt of my clothes, the dirt is still on it.. urghh... lucky i wore black.. if its white, i may hv to throw it away...

but it was all ok.. i evn had a few scratches from the thorns n twigs there. it was fun!! ;p

and then, after we had our shower (evn tho i dont feel that clean), i played the swings there. it looked so cute. the rope was tied to a huge tree branch and it was on a hill. so, when i swing, i felt like i was floating. ;p
and, i hurt my palm for being too hyper and climb the ropes there. (>.>)

at night, we played Night Walk, where we had to walk around and solve more mind boggling puzzles.

On day 3,
we woke up n we felt abit sad to leave the place (literally evrybody, since nobody want to go back to campus n think of asgmnts), so we had our last game, called, Provocation. this game was to see if we are really working as a team and as a family. but evrybody was provoking evrybody. after knowing the true motive of the game, evrybody felt bad.

funny thing is, the topic was to think about the different uses of a Tong Sampah.

*3 against 1*
*almost big trouble*

Then, evrybody said their sorry and hugs. aww.. this is the most touching part ever..
*sob sob*

*and then, the final event, our goodbyes*

*my Tuah team came in 2nd place among 4 groups*
*Hanan, Kak Ila, Abg Z, Abg Azim (leader), Puteri, Jack and Ain


*i got the honorary certificate.. YAY*

*my Animation Dept. Family with the facilitators of Anjung Tasik, Durian Tunggal, Melaka*

*this fruit basket was actually for en. Suhaimi, but, it looked so cute, i just hv to held it*

Then, we said
"Bye Anjung Tasik, may we meet again"

On our way home, we stop at Dataran Pahlawan to wander around the mall there. I bought my Taufik his Cencaluk n a lil gift of my love for him.. mwahh!!

i wanted to visit my grandma n aunty Bibi there, at their saloon, but didnt get the chance to. no worries lah.. next time kay??

*Jack bought us all ice creams!! yumm!! heheh.. thanks buddy*

and that was my story for my 1st Team Building camp in Animation Dept.

*kitty said bye bye*

p.s: long but fun.. ;p


nad said...

the lempeng thingy, we penangites call it serabai or sumtin if im nt mistaken. im nt very sure if it is the term used by the penangites or d name is really serabai. hehe. but sedap annnn??? omg u make me crave over d serabai already. shhessshh

Puteri Nurul said...

hahah... serabai...?? sounds SERABAI.. ahahahaha!!!! but it tasted good.. ;p