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Friday, May 18, 2012

Man of Degree

Congrats to my Hunny Buns for his recent graduation...
finally done with his Degree in Graphics..
and received 1st class... yowzers... pretty awesome...

and that's my man... ;)

Congrats la... can only afford a rose for him...
Praying for his happiness in the NEW WORLD
*hint hint*

supportive family, he has.. ;p

and i have to admit,
i was super attracted on how sexy he was 
in sleek and leather shoe, tuck in shirt and tie and all.
(instant meltation, seriously)

again, im super proud of you, me love!!
and pray for my best so u can be proud of me too...

and always remember, i got ur back... ;)

p.s: gomo gomo nooooo... ;p

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