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Friday, May 16, 2014

Teach Me Solah

When I was 9, I moved from my old school SKTTDI (1) to SK Datuk Keramat. To tell you the truth, that school had bad reputation spelled all over it. The kids were noisy, the teachers were lazy, and the place isn't much of an eyeful. I didn't have many friends, and I was constantly bullied (Imagine I was hit with a math textbook. Remember how thick it was?).

Among all that hulla ballo, there's one thing that stuck a post-it note in my memory.

I was young, naive and clueless (more or less, dense) and I had to stay back for something, one day. One way or another, I ended up at the school's surau. There, I saw my school senior (a prefect) with her other bunch of friends. She was one of the seniors who was fierce for no reason and I thought she despised me (she sort of made a lot of points of hating me. I was weak.). I think, I was told or asked to join to pray. So I followed them to take wudhu' (or rather, i copied their ways). I wasn't sure how to pray properly back them, and I was scared to admit it, so I copied how they pray.

Apparently, my copying was too obvious, the fierce senior stopped and turned facing me. To my surprise, she ask,
" Awak tak tau camne nak sembahyang ke?"

I shook my head weakly, and she taught how. How kind of her to do so, despite how strict she was.

That's the nicest memory i have in that school, and I shall never forget it, thought I kinda forgot who she was. LoL.

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