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Friday, January 1, 2010


beautiful number

this year, i celebrate my new year with my

siblings, dad, Bibik n KakDewi

amazing sight...

right in front of my eyes...

4 locations of fireworks

The Curve, One Utama, some other place...
The best fireworks was at the Padang...
it was in front of my face...
so near n beautiful...
the feeling are indescribable..

to my Dearest Cayang:
i wish u were there with me cyg...
hold my hands as the sky is filled with colourful sparkles
(and smokes),
to kiss my cheeks and wish me Happy New Year,

and my eyes only sees u with colours of the sky.

kyaaa!!! i'd love that!!

OK... My new year's resolution this year is:


Be a better woman
as a daughter, a sister and a girlfriend

Study better!!

Build up my body...
not to be thin.. but to be fit...
( u want a bum n lose da tummy!! n a waist too...)

Start a new life as a person, a human being..

be a more positive person

Learn new things
(dancing, rollerblading, play a musical instrument, yadayada)

for now... that's all... im sure, in the future there'll be more...

~Forever, there will be you n me.... <3~

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