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Friday, January 29, 2010

Honey & Clover

*this pic really reminds me of the old gang*
*Gang Kereta Proff*

Takemoto = Topet
he's always the one to be so eager to learn.. so.. Topet suits him.. ;p
(plus, takemoto likes hagu.. get the pic?? *wink wink*)

Hagu-Chan = Puteri (me!!)
They say, i nvr seem to grow up n always so childish... but i hv a mind of an adult.. they say la...
besides, i like Hagu-chan..

Ayumi Yamada = Ayu
Ayu is always the logic one.. and always talk serious... but sometime surprisingly funny.. and Ayu is always friendly.. ;p
(plus, Hagu-chan always calls Yamada "Ayu".. so.. matching lah.. )
(and also, Yamada-san in love with Mayama.. *nudge nudge*)

Shinobu Morita = Eno
Always the easy going guy... funny and smart.. a breathe of fresh air.. but always slacking off... hehehe... ;p
(not to mention annoying at times.. ;p)

Mayama-Senpai = Proff
ahhh... the wise old man in the troop... the cool guy... always ready planned to go forward.. but at times, are clumsy.. that makes our Proffy cute.. ;p
(Mayama is always worried about Yamada)


P.S: everything is on my own perspective.. ahaxx!!


~ayu~ said...

yeah!!! like this... love u putet...hhuhuhu....

Puteri Nurul said...

love u too ayu!!! ;p