Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Sunday, January 3, 2010

When Father met Boyfriend

Location: One Utama
cyg, what wud you do, when u'r holding my hand, and my dad suddenly appeared?

Those are my exact fears right now...

*i just have to spout my big mouth*

i was trying to buy some topup for my handphone n Cayang asked for me to buy some candy...
as i was randomly bustling over the comic department...

My dad appeared out of no where....


"haaa..... i caught u!!! dating with your Boyfriend.."
*try to imagine his sarcastic face n my shocked face*

Meanwhile, Cayang was busy smoking at the parking lot entrance near the magazine stall, my Dad went there to puff some too...


His face was like
"Oh S**t!! Why now??? Damn Damn Damn!!"
and he tried to hid the cigaratte behind his back...

"i caught you holding my daughter's hands... im so gonna get you.. u'r dead"
*imagine evil sarcastic face now*
*dont worry cayang.. he didnt mean that... i think?*

My dad didnt really mind him smoking anyway...
*dont worry cayang... he really didnt*
*tho, i DO!!*

They had a small chat and they look fine (?)..
before we buzz off... a lil hug and kiss.. and off....

I ask Cayang...
"what did Ayah asked you"

nothing much.. just where im from and all..
i asked him permission to bring you back home late

what did he said?

Ikut kau la...


I held his hands, and it was ice cold...

Ur hands are cold?
You ok, Cayang?

My heart is like
*dup dap dup dap*
I was terified!!

ahahahah... i understand..
i guess, that's what happen
When Father met Boyfriend


p.s: we watched 'Alvin and the Chipmunks 2'.. midnight movie... ;p


nad said...


cant imagine ur dad's sarcastic face and tone. haha. mesti topet cuak gile. hehe

Puteri Nurul said...

cuak? more like terified.. ahaha... my dad mmg sarcastic skit.. ske usik2 org... ahahaha.. funny gile.. ;p