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Monday, May 24, 2010

i got my Diploma

as we all know, graduation day is always a big day for a student.
no matter if its
Kindergarten, HighSchool, or University...

and today,
all my important people in my life attended my big day..
Ayah, Ibu Sri and Ibu Aliah
*super best*

*my pretty women*

*daddy dearest*

also a bonus
i also met CheQin with her Mom n Dad
and also
Cayang and his Mom n sister
it was super wonderful

* aunty Saadah with Cayang*

*makcik Nom with best Buddy CheQin.. ;))*
*Her cookings are the best!!*

what's better was when both of my Mom insisted on meeting cayang's mother and they had a light chat... it was nerve cracking, but evrything ok la... since, they end up sharing embarassing baby tales of ours (cayang and mine).
*also, i soo... dont rmmber sharing catfood with a cat, ok ibu...~~ >.>*

*Congratulation Buddies... you guys made my Diploma years Magical*

p.s: also, thank you to makyu n ibu sri for coming up for me from singapore.. im so happy to be able to make you guys proud... ;))

p.s.s: wait for me for degree lak!! ;DD


Anonymous said...

congratulation bebeh!! :D

nazreena nadia said...

congrats sygg ;)

sosweet . hahha share mkanan kucing ?

nad said...

awwwww.. congratsss!! bestnye tgk the pictures.. cantikkk =))

Syaza Suraini said...

congrats! =)))

Puteri Nurul said...

nadia: thank you.. nnt nad lak post grad nad tau!! ;))

nadi: thank you.. teehee.. well, about that catfood fact.. i dont rmmber about it.. but its posibble, since i hv the slightest thought about how catfood taste like.. really...

nad: thank you... best sgt.. ;DD

*hamik... 3org nadia skali...*

aja: time kasih... mwahh!!!

aren said...