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Saturday, October 23, 2010

My Future Planning

i remembered the 1st day of CTU class here, 
where our Ustazah told us to jot down our plans from SPM..
this is what i wrote:

17 (2005)
Finished SPM

18 (2006)
Random Jobs

19 (2007)
Started Diploma in Graphics


21 (2009)
Graduated Diploma in Graphics

22 (2010)
Started Degree in Animation


24 (2012)
Graduate Degree in Animation

25 (2013)
Start working in the Animation industry


27 (2015)
Marriage (Insya Allah)



30 (2018)
Master in Japan!! 

how's my planning?? ;)
we can only plan, but Allah decide ALL.


MiSs aNySs said...

coooooooooooooool babe! all the best!

Puteri Nurul said...

hahaha... logic x?? insya allah ok la kowt... ;))

Qaddafi said...

cool gila. pergi japan.
btw, animation susa tak?

Puteri Nurul said...

anything must start hard... bak en.hisham ckp... nk hidup susah.. mati pown susah... xde pe yg senang... hehehe.. ;p

Chybee said...

marry at age 27? better not. hahaha...i could bet that u couldn't wait that long bila dah jumpa someone :p

Puteri Nurul said...

alaa... ni random planning... hehhe... i know, im itchy hearted to marry soon... ;p

Sca Ndx said...

nice planning, but not all we planned came true, so be prepared for it

Puteri Nurul said...

yeah... im prepared for any conseQuences... ;P