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Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Angel

24 February

Happy 39th Birthday Ibu
sorry i cant make it home..
but when i do..
i'll make that assam pedas u want, ok?

even when u n ayah divorced,
u still took good care of me...
ur a wonderful woman,
despite what the world says about you.
Thank You and I Love You

to the world, 
for a woman who took care of a lady who has no blood relation frm a very young age,
i think you all shud screw ur lips frm all these pointless gossips.
i nvr met "cinderella stepmother" in my entire life.
she's not my stepmother, she's my Mother.

p.s: next year, going back to ur "20s" ek? ;p


Aiza J said...


Anonymous said...

ala aiza... jgn la senyum2 sedey... smile2 ok... ;)

Anonymous said...

^ atas ni put tau... ;p