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Monday, February 28, 2011

sicker than sick but not sickest

went to the clinic today to check on my sore throat,
which i assume, the Tonsillitis i'v been hving since young,
came back to me.

having difficulties to breathe coz the tonsil swelled up,
difficulties to swallow, evn saliva,
dry throat,
constant coughing,

normal tonsils

tonsils i used to hv and will hv if i dont take care of myself
*on the way tho*

and my doctor said,
"yup, its swollen alright"
owh... bummer

well, yeah.. it hurts,
so, yesterday, i was having an "on-off" fever,
but today, im HIT!!

im feeling awful!!
im shaking out of chilliness,
im hv minor migraines and headaches,
not to mention the off balance feeling,
the body aching!!!
despite the fact that i had FULL class today,
almost nonstop!!

(checking out the recording studio)
*oh gosh*

aww.. man...
 it has been awhile since my last fever...
or has it?? 

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