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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friendship and Money

i was lying down on my bed and thought,
"im so lonely today... not much cash to go out either"

and i reminisced a memory of mine,
which i learn about friendship and money the hard way.

i was young... around 12 years of age. i wasnt the most attractive kid in school and always envy my friends and classmates who had plenty of attentions from people. Teachers, Parents, Friends. I wasnt cute, or soft or a rebel or talented, or athletical. But i was a lil plain jane with nothing to show off except for my mild talent of drawings. Besides that, i was nothing. 

Thus, i had few bestfriends, Sarah and Fauzi, whom i played with them evryday. But, i also envy them alot. Eventho, they lived near my home, but in school, they both were in separated class from me. Only get to play with them during recess. And them too had their attentions. They were smart and lovely and super friendly.

And this envy feeling of mine began to get vicious, but not really rebelling. I made friends with one of my classmates and i shud have known she was bad news. She taught me to get to the Giant Mall just walking distance from the school. We went to the arcade and bought alot of junks, until i ran out of money. 

One day, she came up to me and asked me to join her again, but i said, i'v got no money left. But, she suggested, i dig up my bank (as in my money box). so i did. and not long after that, that too ran out. And my mom began to Question me. But i just ignored.

i was desperate for money because, i dont wanna lose my friend. So, i began to steal from my parents purse. I felt so guilty of doing it, but, they didnt even realized about the lost money, and that made me more comfortable and steal more.

My classmates began to realized that i been having alot of cash with me, and all were friendly. Had recess with me and play with me, and they also began to ask stuff from me. so i did, buy them gifts and treat them food and all. i felt glorious of all the attentions im getting. i even neglected Sarah and Fauzi. 

Sarah began to Question me, where did i get all the money, and i just answered, my parents gave me, and she said nothing more.

It was all good and happy, and i began to steal larger amount of money from my parents. And that's how they found out. I was punished real badly. My parents even went to Sarah house to verify things. Sarah and her mom looked at me in a very disappointing way and i was so sorry.

My dad sent me to my Grandfathers house where i was repeatedly advised to repent from my doing. My grandfather was a kind man and i didnt wanna disappoint him anymore.

Back in school, my mom made me promise to admit my wrong doings to my friends. i refused but my mom forced me to. When i admitted, all of them dissed me and went off. i was lonelier than before. i came back home, feeling so upset and my mom came up to me,

"u see, these people arent your friend. They arent real. They only come when u have money but gone when u dont. u dont need these kind of friends. if something bad were to happen to you, they wont be there to help. The friends you need are the ones who will be with you in bad or good. learn your lesson well."

The only ones who has been with me was, again, Sarah and Fauzi. They didnt leave me even after i neglected them. Even Sarah's mom was still nice to me despite the bad influence i cud bring to Sarah or her siblings, yet there were lectures of i shudnt do that in the 1st place....

so there, this post this time isnt to put myself in shame, 
but i just wanna share my experience of learning about money and true friendship.
 and how 1 bad friend can turn evrything and evryone against you. 
there you can see who ur real friends are.

this is one of my memories i can never forget.


MiSs aNySs said...

yeah true2! more fren will come when u had money n when u had none or in trouble, they will disappear

supertramp said...

Loved ur honesty in first place, you r very lucky to get friends like them.

Puteri Nurul said...

anis: manusia kn? klu boleh.. sume mau senang... ;p

supertramp: thank you.. i just thought of sharing it.. so my friends wont go thru what i did before... ;) im very lucky to hv good friends now..