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Monday, April 11, 2011

demanding much??

yeah, it is normal for a lecturer to give asgmnts...

yeah, it is also normal for a lecturer to give ABUNDANT of them..

it is INSANE enough,
that the LAST week of the semester,
you cancel off all the classes for a week of events, 
but didnt inform certain lecturers.

that you make it a compulsory thing,
with us having alot of asgmnts and tests due this week!

who are you trying to kid here??
we have 3 assessments, 1 test, 1 exhibition to do...
5 asgmnts to do man?? 
and its the FINALS, 5 is a LARGE NUMBER!!
are you gonna complete the asgmnts for us??
obviously no?? geezz...

really a pain in the neck..

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