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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Penang Trip 2011 (3)

Day #3

mr.Boyfie came to the apartment very early in the morning, even i wasnt fully awake at that time. we checked out the apartment at 12noon and we hit the road.

we skipped breakfast and had a very heavy lunch... NASI KANDAR LINE CLEAR! heard it was famous, that's why they called it nasi kandar beratur or rather "beratoQ". it was heavy but good still... considering i had a phobia towards nasi kandar due to an unfateful event.

after lunch, we headed to see Komtar, the previous tallest building in Malaysia.

then down to Bukit Bendara... hehehe... where we had to ride the tram to go UP!! heheh... it was a fun ride.. and as the tram door opened, we felt the chilling breeze of the hill... so chilling and refreshing... it felt like Cameron Highland there. we walked around and eventually stop to try some ABC and Cendol... which made me regret having it..... i was numb shaking after that... BRRR!!!

the day darkens and we sent Anis home (fiQa took the bus)... we fetched Aunty Sa'adah from work and she treated us with Bertam's Char Kuey Teow...

Nana was happy to see me again as we reached to mr.Boyfie's house. we stayed there and chat awhile, mr.Boyfie packed his stuff for KL (he's following us back to KL)..

Aunty Sa'adah drove us to the train station and Nana tagged along. again, it was heartbreaking seeing Nana crying so hard no letting me go. TT___TT

it was my 1st train ride (as far as i cud remember)... and it was the ones with bunks... i soon fell asleep in my bunk until we reached KL...

and that's how my trip went... ;))

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