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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Penang Trip 2011 (2)

Day #2

Nana woke me up so early in the morning, so i had to get up...hehehe.. plus, mr. Boyfie's mom, Aunty Sa'adah was too kind to actually get up so early in the morning to cook us breakfast... i wud be ok if it were eggs and toast... nasi lemak with ayam rendang??? omg... so kind of her... LOVE AUNTY SA'ADAH FOREVER!

it was hard for me to leave the house as Nana cried so hard as i was walking away, calling me to visit very soon... sobsob...

so... we took the ferry to the island and checked in into an apartment resort back in Feringghi beach. we had lunch at a Kapitan in Queensbay and it was SUPERB!!! i love the Naan Cheese!! soo fluffy!!

then, mr.Boyfie had to leave us there awhile (chores), so we walked around the area as we waited for Anis (penang friend). She arrived with an unexpected friend, FiQa... we chatted and laughed and gossiped until mr.boyfie arrived with Anis's brother, Fifi.

we roam around Penang looking for Pasembur (craved), and then, we camwhore at strait Quay and finally went back to the apartment. we hang around for the moment, and as soon as the guys went back, it was pillowtalk nite for us girls (anis and fiQa stayed with us for that night). we chitchatted alot till evrything just went silent... *snoreeee*

p.s: day #2 was on mr.Boyfie's bday... hehehe... *sambil mnyelam, minum air*

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