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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Penang Trip 2011 (1)

Day #1

Dahnia and I took the 9.30am Aeroline bus at One Utama. i almost miss the bus though... hehehe... so off we go..... (had subway breakfast provided by the bus!! yum!!)

we were so excited as we cross the infamous Penang bridge. we saw the ocean and ferries and stuff... we made our stop at QueensBay Mall and waited for mr.Boyfie and Man... who were LATE!!

they took us to Balik Pulau (the ride going there was... *puke*), where we had our 1st penang meal, Laksa Penang!!  and we washed it down with ABC!! superb!!

then, they took us to tour Penang's Hard Rock by the Feringghi Beach... camwhoring alot!!

by nightfalls, we reached to Aiza's (penang friend) house. Raya2 abit lorr.... she even served us her Mee Jawa... nicely done... :))

our 1st night in Penang, we bunked in at mr.Boyfie's house. we were actually to shy to stay in, but it was rude to refuse such kind offers.. plus, Nana (mr.boyfie's sister) was SOOO friendly.... ;p


Aiza J Rahman said...

oww okayy..
baru dapat baca entry ni!
kehkehkeh :P

Puteri Nurul said...

baru??? hahahah!!! ;p