Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Fireworks... Foam Spray.. 
People Dancing n Screaming... 
Smiling n Laughing

not really my idea of a celebration 
n not really the picture i had in my head..
but, oh my...

it was truly magical...
among that crowd..

you n me, holding hands and hugging,
with matching kitty and mouse hats
whispering happy new year to my ears,
smiling together seeing the fireworks,
with falling foam falling on us like snow,
colors of the fireworks reflected on ur face..
*i looked when my neck cant stand looking up...>.>*
just wonderful... i wish to stay in that way forever...

ok ok... stop it...

im wishing evrybody
HAPPY 2011
and I LOVE YOU all so much!!

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