Listen To Your Heart, You Will Understand

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

patch it up

Some people maybe congratulating me for the recent relationship i made.
they're Questioning n kept warning me...

"why are you back with him?"
who begged who??"
"dont you remember what he did?"
"are you putting your pride aside??"
"when did this happened??"

ok.. ok...
here's the deal...
1st off...
as a man who knows what he wants,
(despites the painful fact that HE dumped me before)
he's the one who made the call,
and i did gave him a pretty hard time gaining the trust back.
looking at the efforts and the ULTIMATELY slow planning he made,
i think, it was worth it taking him back in,
since i do hv a couple of LOVE for him.

i personally saw him.
saw his strong will and effort of 
putting things back together and making things right again.

yeah, sure,
it may look like im diving in a pool of piranhas
i cud get hurt in love again.
but, i dont see any loss of trying once more.

if i dont give him a 2nd chance,
i may never know his sincerity.
and i do love him very dearly.
very very dearly.

like my mom said,
 he's the one i choosed and there's nothing she can do about it.
it is the Will of the heart and she cant control it.
she knows,
 if i fall again, i can always get back up! i hv no prob with that.

i know... i can get hurt..
but my past relationship with him,
taught me to be strong inside.
i can still smile... no worries...
win some, lose some... ;p

if you dont want to get hurt climbing,
might as well dont climb at all...

*i promise i will be*

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