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Monday, January 31, 2011

how i got my name

Puteri Nurul Fatehah

long, simple, common yet different, and stuff

here's how i got this name...

when i was born, my mom wanted to give me an simple name,
Puteri Nurul Ain
can you guys actually imagine me in that name...? :)
they say that, the choice of name actually gives character to the beholder.

the name Puteri was actually a reQuest from my late grandfather (i think),
he said that we came from a royal family.. 
and my dad was the eldest...
so yeah... simple maths... ;p

and then,
 my grandmother said that she wanted to name me,
and she choosed Fatehah..
there was a slight argument about naming me..
but then, they came to a conclusion of naming me
Puteri Nurul Fatehah

The First Royal Light
or in Malay..
"Baginda Cahaya Pembuka"

the Eldest Daughter to the Eldest Son

im the first light to the family
the first to be born...

and my youngest,
Putera Muhammad Ameen
is the end...

Amin... ;)

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