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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Day With Lokman Hafiz

started at 8 am in the morning,
i think my body got used to waking up in the morning,
so i cant get back to sleep.
i slept like, 4-5am last morning... goshh!!

then, i dilly dally a lil,
and got ready for the bus to Shah Alam Sek2
(lok claimed that he didnt know the way here. That's why i took the bus)

so we went on...
to One Utama!!!!

had Pizza Hut for Lunch,
fix my Necklace watch Cayang gave me (out of batteries),
window shopping abit,
walked around OU to fix Cayang watch strap (spoiled) but didnt find any.
and had SHIMINO CREPE!!!
yummm!!!! Strawberry with honey and almonds!!! :))
(been craving for that)

and so.... we'r out n went to my house 
for me to pick up some stuff and documents.
so happy to see Sunny still healthy and happy!!  i miss him so much!!

and then off to Lok's house for him to send his bro to tuition....
all the way at Subang.... with traffic jam and all...

(the silly things we do, G6 style!!! hahah)

then.. back to Puncak Perdana...
had a lil drink while i help him woo some girls here...
and sent me off back home in resak...

that's when i change Quickly to play badminton with my friends..

so much hd happened today...
thank you Lokman Hafiz..
my best bestie ever since 2005... ;))

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