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Friday, February 15, 2013

Final Results

right after mr.TH reminded me to inform him of my final results, i received an email...

it was my result... (duhh)

i manage to pass with good results...

with this, im an official degree graduate!!

been studying since 1992 till 2012
gosh.. twenty years... 
life is about education, isnt it...?

now, i can look for a job to support self and family..
the eldest got to do what an eldest got to do... ;)

for this, (cliche drum roll)
i wud like to thank family, friends, boyfriend, best friends  those strangers with good will, classmates, teachers, lecturers, and all... <3 br="">

p.s: Masters? not anytime soon.. will be, in syaa allah.. :)
p.s.s: its kinda sad to leave the student life, isnt it?

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