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Monday, September 29, 2014

months before~

Just a few months before I'm going to be handed to my significant other.

Within these few months before,
I've seen some changes in our relationship. Everything turns serious but fun. We are more mature and decisive of our future. We thought of home, furniture, stable jobs, kids, clothes. We thought more of the future settlements of educations, schools, medical, travels. Its never too late or too early to plan.

Within these few months before,
I've already felt the wedding pressure. What colour? What theme? Which venue? What gift? Who to invite? It was fun and games at first, until it really involves money and amount of invitations. The jitters are real!

Within these few months before,
Upon receiving wedding invitations from other, it's no longer when is my turn. It's, "lets go and ask how they manage a wedding". The answers are always different but nerve wrecking all the same. I cringe as i watch videos or blogs of failing weddings and being ridiculed of. How humanity is lost, when you are invited to bless the wedding, yet you complained of how bad the food was. You came for free, so shut up. People are so judgmental. 

Within these few months before,
All I thought of is how to save more money, to gain more money. Alas, i'm so wasteful. I just got a proper job, hopefully. I just need to save. Not only for the wedding, but for our future. I need to be more considerate of my S/O. Nothing comes easy and goes free. Just to dot it, I'm bad at counting and too sympathetic, thus I have not much confidence in business. I'd love to do one though.

It may be months before, but in time, it'll turn days in a jiffy~ brr...

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