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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


These furry bushes above my eyes.

Some say that i am blessed with thick eyebrows. Not denying them but, the real problem for me is, maintaining them.. and by that, i mean,


these bushy brows can sometimes be so damn annoying, making me look like an untamed female tarzan.. with an almost uni brow.. not that it matters, but it matters... >.> Threading is a very painful process of grooming, for me at least. Never fail to cry even after a dozen times under the thread. Waxing? I'm good with that, occasionally, but threading.. just urghh~ But these brows just need to be kept.. some warned me that my brows might not grow anymore if i thread them, but no.. they just keep coming like tsunami a week after..

clearly, i'm not complaining about my bushy brows. I love them. It's a blessed feature on my face. Its just.. the threading.. >.> for those who hasn't been, you have no idea! but then, beauty is pain.. to groom is to bloom.. and whatever... or maybe i'm just exaggerating, or, i'm not immune to pain.. or i'm just a sissy~ whatever~

p.s: to thread a thick brow is more painful that those fine hairs. I haven't gone for months. making my brow grew thick again. It's gonna hurt so bad for my next session.. >.>

p.s.s: for grooming!! for love!!! 

p.s.s.s: things i do for love...

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