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Friday, July 10, 2015

30 Day Challenge (day 2)

Day 2: 20 Facts About Me

Constantly wanderlusting.

I just love tea. Should be a pro by now (jk, no)

Never smoke. A vape puff doesn't count, though, i hate it.
That tar feeling on my tonsils, just no!

Major foodie (need the gym, pronto)

Chocolate! Must have!
(especially the dark ones)
(especially on period or bad moods)
(especially if you don't wanna see on a killing spree)

I dance, hell yeah I do! Just not with accurate body coordination.

Prefers to shower in front of the mirror, because, the shower is my stage!
(did i mention, i have to have music on while i bathe?)
(thanks Spotify)

I have 3 adorable kittens!
(Mueez, Mateen and Garfield(anak angkat))

I tend to procrastinate, a lot. Like, even if my life depends on it, 
if there's 5 minutes to spare, I'd take em.

The type to burn my cooking because I was busy washing the dishes.

Not a morning person. No surprise there, though.

When i work (like really work, not procrastinating), my workstation is a mess.
But, I remember where everything is placed. Don't try to clean it up!

I'm actually a shy person. Not extremely, just average shy.
If I'm likely to be surrounded by people I don't know (while my friends entertaining others), I'll be that fat awkward elephant the corner, eating.. just eating. Most of my friends would deny this.

I'm an ultimately an internet addict. (who isn't?)

I love to draw, but I'm at a point where I can't really draw anymore. It's like, my one and only gift is gone. Need to regain it. Dream job: Cartoonist (still!)

I am making waxing my monthly routine, including BRAZILIAN
(you're welcome, cayang)

Known as a bully my whole life, little that they know, that I was a bully victim myself (1995 - 1998).
Thanks childhood bastards. I still do pranks, though.

Don't tell my sister, but I'm actually a Disney Princess... shhh...

I shower everyday, despite the fact that I hate bathing.

I am constantly hungry. Constantly.

I have a horrid laugh. No joke.

I'm in love everyday, because I married my best friend.

p.s: meow~

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