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Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Moon

26th November 2oo9, 2.00pm, Bandar Utama Home

New Moon Movie Premier
held by Tayangan Unggul
on the 25.11.09

I cant say im a Twilighter fan, but it captures my heart deep...
The continuation of Twilight, New Moon just did the same.

A movie that collides Vampires, Humans and Werewolves
A choice between the Cold and the Hot
A love triangle between true love and friendship
Rebelling heart over missing love
Love sacrifices

Hot bods and cute beau!!!

Some people commented its a Vampire ver. of Romeo and Juliet
Some people said Bella was too obsessed with her beau
Some said its a women movie

I said the reactions and facial expression are really blank sometimes
but still all dreamy and good.


spoilers are bad.. so that's all for now..

Cant wait for the Eclipse to show.. maybe on June?? hehehe....

watching this movie made me wish myBoo was with me that night..
But, my Dad got the tix, so, what the heck..

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