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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It Ends Here

12 November 2009, 6.19pm, UiTM Perak

Music playing: Say Goodbye by Chris Brown

Weather: Dull n Wet

Mood: Quiet and Dim

There are only a few days left for me to be here in UiTM Perak. The feeling starting to get so lonely just by thinking about the memories of us all around the campus.

My lecturers
My Friends
My Classmates
The people i know around me
The new friend i made

The feeling is somehow quite similar when we finish high school...

but then again...
im happy
to achieve what ever i dream of..

after 3years of sweat and blood...
after 3years i studied and being independent

i know the true meaning of life...

its not about you all the time.
its about US, WE and ALL...

its about Struggles, Friendship and Family

its about Love, Joy and Happiness

its about Sacrifices made between each other...


We are not Kids anymore

We are able to stand up on our own and speak for ourselves

We are moving forward to create a better generation

We move with clear visions in our burning hearts

and we know
with LOVE at heart


people of the future

1 comment:

paan said...

being grown up isn't as fun as growing up,
these are the best days of our lives...