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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ice Cream Day

Just when i need a friend, she appeared..

she came and sleep over at my place and we had a blast till the wee hours of the morning.

we chatted.we gossiped.we cursed.we laughed
we did all the things girls wanna do

then, we went for a stroll in One Utama (yeah, the usual lahh)

*nadia had her 1st Shinlin Tempura seafood snack*

this is what we call, the Nadia Hanie Syndrome.
Its the type of syndrome where you will add 3times more of pearl bubbles and Jello in ur usual Bubble Tea drink. Taadaa!!!

our Nadia Hanie Syndrome Jasmine Bubble tea
alil bit of sweet, alil bit of bitter, alil bit of life

then, we drop by a CD store to test some melodies...

nadia's checking out some sweet acoustic music

im listening to Charice Pempengo.... good singer...

then, some karaoke to let the sorrow soul out!!

then, drop by the MPH book store to check out some comics.
Nadia love snooping the Marvel site... haishh...

and thanks Nadia for the beautiful scarf you bought for me...
Forever 21 y'all!!

p.s: surely you'r wondering where's the ice cream part, right? teehee... too much fun, we forgot the ice cream... ;pp


Blue ACE said...

Looks like some buddy is having Bubble Tea fiesta.

I my self am crazy bubble tea fan and its been my fav hangout drinks since 2002.

Puteri Nurul said...

hehehe... bubble tea... great addiction... hehhee... i knew it existed when i was in singapore... yummy... ;p

Anonymous said...

next time there will be ice-cream.I PROMISE! hehe.. :p

Chybee said...

bestnye hangout wif friends. miss mine too :( lately sgt busy xde mase nk enjoy dah. huhu

Puteri Nurul said...

nadia: yeah!!! my treat!! ;))

chybee: xpe... ble dah rindu gile nnt, bru best nk hangout... ;)